1987 Premiership

Goodwood Saints (5.9, 26.17) 173 V Brighton High OS (6.0, 14.10)94

Best Players
Goodman, Zilm, Wilson, Daniele, Trigg, Bamford.

Goal Kickers
P Apostolopoulos 6, Roberts, Goodman, J Apostolopoulos, Daniele, Wilson 3, Trigg, Dunn 2.

Match Summary
With Saints coach Trevor Ash replaced as Brighton High OS coach at the start of the 1987 season this grand final match up was one for the purists. And what a grand final they saw.

The Saints started the game well but inaccuracy in front of goal was proving a problem. Young ruckman Tim Zilm was getting first hand to the ball and centreman Bret Goodman (3 goals) was reading it beautifully. Despite having 9 more scoring shots for the quarter a 3 point lead was all the reward the Saints gave themselves.

The second quarter saw the Saints continue to perform well and begin to reward themselves on the scoreboard. Full forward Brett Roberts (3 goals) and forward pocket Paul Apostolopoulos (6 goals) were providing valuable targets as the Saints skipped away to a 28 point lead at half time.

The 3rd quarter saw the game change. Brighton High OS slammed on the first 6 goals of the quarter took hit the lead and the game was on a knife edge. Late goals to the Saints saw order returned as the Saints went in to the final change with their noses in front. Centre Half back Sam Malouf and half back flanker Vin Hill played for their lives and helped the Saints steal the momentum just before the break.

Coach Trevor Ash asked for a final effort and boy did the players respond. A magnificent 10 goal to one final quarter saw the Saints faithful celebrate a resounding 79 point victory. Bret Goodman was outstanding all day and small forwards Tony Daniele and Craig Wilson helped themselves to 3 goals each along with dashing wingman John Apostolopolous.

With the A3 premiership secured the scenes at Saint Park were tremendous and the sweet victory was celebrated well into the week.