Goodwood Saints Football Club uses Team App for communicating with our members

  • Game times

  • Training times

  • Club events

  • Hosting our merchandise store

All Saints team managers are asked to use Team App as their main communication vehicle.

Team App can be downloaded onto your smartphone or a tablet (Android and Apple) for free, and can also be viewed online.

Team App provides clear communication, and has a number of benefits including:

  • Instant email and push notifications for important updates e.g. news, events, changes to trainings

  • Calendar schedule for training/games including reminders, RSVP, times, location maps

  • Links to live scores and tables

  • Club event calendar

  • Links to the GSFC Facebook page, website and twitter

  • Links to key documents, eg fixtures, ladders, results etc

Team App allows the Coaches and Managers to communicate quickly and easily with their team.

It also allows the President to speak directly to all members and the club to promote events across the entire club.

Download TeamApp here

It is 100% FREE.

You can opt out of push notifications and/or email if you wish.

If you don't have a smartphone or tablet, you can still access TeamApp via a PC or laptop.

Please help the club promote Team App where you can.